Know Honor Respect and Love Your Prostate:

There is a lot of stuff out there on the world wide waste of time on prostate massage, prostate orgasm, and prostate milking … blah, blah blah …. All I can say is this information will not be any worse than anything else you read and may just be a little better.First a short lesson in what your prostate does and how to take care of it; then a little lesson in how to play with it.


What is your Prostate:

The prostate is a grouping of several small glands held together by tough smooth muscle tissue laced with an unbelievable amount of sensitive nerve endings. It is also a location of highly concentrated tiny blood vessels. It is typically the size of an English walnut in an adult male.

Where is the Prostate located?

It is just below the bladder which is where your pee is stored prior to pissing. It can be felt by pressing on your taint and by reaching up in your butthole (or someone else’s butthole. There are plenty of pictures on the internet if you would like to see a ‘map’ as to how to get there.

What does your Prostate do? Your prostate does a whole bunch of things!

The prostate makes the milky fluid goodness (semen, cum, jizz, juice, spooge, nut, load, seed, dick gravy, baby batter) that carries sperm. The milky fluid goodness nourishes the sperm and allows sperm to stay alive while it hunts for an egg to fertilize while swimming up the vaginal canal (assuming of course a vaginal canal is where it ends up). This fluid is full of vitamins and protein and will not hurt you if you swallow it. Ancient Romans women used it as skin cream.

The prostate is also the control valve which prevents piss and cum from getting mixed together. When you are pissing and you force yourself to stop in midstream, you are contracting the muscles in the prostate and around the prostate in order to force the valve from the bladder closed. You normally do not exercise this muscle so that is why it is very uncomfortable to stop pissing in midstream. Because of the prostate you can piss and you can cum but you cannot do both at the same time. When you cum, muscle tissue in and around the prostate closes off the bladder, and spasms uncontrollably (thanks to the nerve endings) which forces cum from your prostate and sperm from sperm reservoirs (not your balls) into the urethra (the tube in your cock through which you piss and cum) and subsequently squirts out of the head of your cock. That’s right, you read it correctly. When you cum your balls do not empty. It doesn’t work like that. That good ache you feel after cumming is your balls working hard to refill the now empty or partially empty reservoirs.

Feeling horny? When you get that feeling it is because your prostate is fully loaded with that milky fluid goodness and your body is telling you it is time to get rid of it. If you don’t get rid of it, your body will do so itself while you sleep. This is called a ‘wet dream.’ The feeling of being ‘horned up’ is not because your balls are full. Your balls manufacture sperm but do not store it. When you are a young man and your hormones are going crazy, your balls and prostate are generating cum, sperm, and testosterone at a crazy rate to bring you into manhood as quickly as possible. This settles down a bit when you hit your mid-twenties and after about thirty continues to decline.


The prostate filters toxins and keeps them from getting to the sperm. From a heterosexual reproductive standpoint this is perhaps the prostate's most important function. It is also the most likely reason there is a growing epidemic of prostate disease and cancer as we continue to pollute our planet and consequently or food and water supply.

Tar and nicotine concentration in smokers is so high that their milky goodness will actually smell and taste like an ash tray.

For you str8 and bi guys out there or you gay guys wanting to have a surrogate female carry your child... If you are trying to get a woman pregnant, stop smoking for a few months first. Give those little swimmers the best possible chance to be healthy and whole. If you can’t quit for yourself, at least quit for the sake of your future offspring.

For you gay boys out there …. You are clogging your ‘happy place’ with tar and nicotine. The faster you clog your prostate with toxins the sooner performance problems kick in during your lifetime. So if you want to be able to get it up and keep it up as you get older, be kind to your body and your prostate and leave the tobacco alone. Just letting you know.

The prostate controls the nerves in your cock which causes it to fill up with blood and get hard. If these nerves, get damaged getting it up and keeping it up can become a challenge. This is why you want to take good care of your prostate.

Prostate Myths

Frequent masturbation and ejaculation will keep your prostate healthy and reduce the risk of prostate cancer. According to the Mayo Clinic, there is no scientific evidence to support this. All the jerking and cumming is not going to reduce the toxins that build up in your prostate tissue over the course of a lifetime. It will give you arthritic wrists and an enormous amount of entertainment over the years.

All men will get prostate cancer if they live long enough. Though not true it is a fact that due to the toxin build up and or any number of a variety of other reasons, the prostate continues to grow during a man’s life time. This enlargement (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH) can cause problems by restricting flow of your pee and other sexual problems. Chances are, if you live long enough, you will experience this. If you take good care of yourself and your body, you should be able to delay the inevitable until you are well into your 70s or 80s if you are in your twenties when you read this.

Some Closing Thoughts

The Prostate is an internal organ and is a very fragile piece of your reproductive equipment. You do not want to bruise it, abuse it or Damage it in any way. Whether you are a top or bottom the root source of your sexual pleasure is this organ. Talk with your doctor about It. Learn everything you can about it. Above all be healthy and safe with it and love honor and respect it. Now let’s get on to the good stuff which is how to play with it and enjoy it.

Playing With Your Prostate

There is a lot of stupid and useless information on the web about how to play with the prostate. I will try to shed some light on this.

First off, unless you are thin young and bendy or at least two out of three, reaching your prostate yourself comfortably is damn near impossible (further evidence God is indeed a woman with a wicked sense of humor). It is best to explore prostate play with a friend and practice on each other. If you insist on doing this yourself be very careful shoving things up your butt. Never shove anything up your butt that doesn’t have some sort of base attached so you don’t lose anything up there. trust me, when you go to the emergency room and you say you fell on it getting out of the shower, no one will believe you.

This article will explain prostate play from the point of view that there are two people involved.

First off be sure the hole you are about to explore is nice and clean and fresh as daisies. See the article on ‘bottoming advice’ if you need to. If you are going in barehanded, be sure your fingernails are VERY neatly trimmed almost to the cuticles with no rough edges and no hang nails or open cuts on your fingers. By the way there is nothing wrong with using latex gloves or fisting gloves for this exercise. For the ladies reading this … use fake nails on your butt probers and remove them for butt play. In other words, NO SHARP OBJECTS!

The most common method of prostate play involves the forefinger and the middle finger. One finger up there just isn’t going to be enough and for many, three fingers will be a bit much. The person getting their prostate played with can be on their back or face down ass up. If this is a learning expedition I would like to suggest the receiver be face down ass up. Since your fingers will be in there for a while, the latex or rubber gloves are recommended.

This next part is kind of important. The receiver, the guy whose prostate you are going to play with is face down ass up and you should start with his legs apart. This way his prostate is resting comfortable in the lower pelvic cavity. It is not squeezed between the muscles in the pelvic region of the upper thighs and ass cheeks. Gently and slowly insert two well lubed fingers as far as you can and slowly probe downward (if they are on their back … probe up). It should be obvious to you where the prostate is by how it feels and the reaction from the receiver. If still not sure have the receiver bring his legs together while your fingers are still up his butt. You will feel the prostate move as it is gently pinched and will bulge slightly up in to the rectal canal which is where your fingers are. Now there shouldn’t be any confusion as to whether you have found it or not. Sometimes that little bugger is just inside a guy’s hole and sometimes it is a bit further inside but it is definitely there (unless he had it removed or used to be a lady).

If their prostate is healthy it should feel smooth; no ridges or veins and when you start to apply pressure to it the receiver may feel like he needs to pee. If that is the case back off a bit; be patient and go slow especially if it is the first time … but rest assured you have arrived at the proper address without getting lost. This may sound silly to you but you may want a bowl or towel under his cock. It doesn’t happen often but some guys will involuntarily pee if you happen to hit the exact right spot which is near the bladder valve. Please note this is a one in fifty chance but it does happen. It has only happened twice in my lifetime and I have had my fingers up in a few thousand holes. Now with two fingers up your friend’s hole you can reach the other side of the prostate indirectly with the thumb of the same hand by gently pressing on his taint. (For those of you that do not know what a taint is, it is that space between your ball sac and your butthole that ‘taint’ your balls and ‘taint’ your butthole.) Now you have a nice gentle grip on his prostate not unlike holding a small rock or ball that you are planning on throughing.

Now that you got a grip on things it is time to explore and experiment a bit. Move your fingers in and out, back and forth, spreading your fingers apart, curling them a bit and even some rolling wrist action. Every one of us is built the same but each and every one of us are different so what feels awesome for one person may not feel all that great or hurt like hell for someone else. The amount of nerve endings each person has varies drastically. Just remember to go slow. With a little practice though you will learn what pretty much feels good for everybody and by the receiver’s reactions body language and verbal feedback, it won’t take to terribly long to either just milk him dry or make him cum all over everything.

Let’s talk about fucking a bit. Some guys can cum while you are fucking them and without touching their cock. These guys probably have more nerve endings in their prostate than other guys but not necessarily. This happens when a prostate is massaged vigorously by a cock going in and out of the bottom’s hole. You ‘bump into the prostate with the head of your cock and then slide over it, the head of your cock applying pressure to it as it passes over. Then the same thing happens as you pull your cock out. If your cock points down when you are hard (like mine does), fucking a guy doggie style will likely drive him over the edge. If your cock points up against your belly, fucking a bottom on his back will usually do the trick. I should mention though that if your cock does point down, when you fuck a guy in any position, you will hit spots other guys just can't, but that is an article for another time. Many guys can cum while riding a cock. This is because they can control the action and get it just right to put them over the edge.

If you are fucking a guy and he says he has to stop to pee, then you are doing it right but doing it right, just a tad too rough or a bit to direct. Lighten up a bit varying position, speed etc. With a little practice you will be fucking the cum out of guys like a pro in no time.

Have fun, be safe and let me know if you have any questions.

Daddy Ken