Anal Douching - The Basics

The Fine Art of Cleaning Your Hole

This article gets into the finer points of making your hole clean as a whistle and fresh as daisies. There are a variety of techniques for accomplishing this but I will cover the most common and probably safest ways to do this. As I have said before, love, honor and respect your hole. Be gentle with the douching. Take it slow especially if you are traversing this uncharted territory alone and without help. Even discuss with your doctor and if your doctor gets freaked out at your questions, find another doctor. You can also send me questions if you like. I also suggest if you have not read my "Bottoming Advice" you do so before reading this.

Shallow Cleansing Methods

Disposable Enemas: You can get disposable enemas at all the major drugstore chains. The Fleet Brand enemas are the most popular. They are cheap and the bottle can be reused a couple of times. The first thing you want to do is unscrew the applicator top and empty out the contents. You do not want to be using anything but warm water. Some medical experts suggest mixing a teaspoon of salt into a quart of water to be used for an enema. The salt makes for a more neutral solution and prevents absorption by the wall of the colon. That being said, bottoms have been using warm water for years and the process is tried and true and works just fine. Remember, you are not trying to solve a constipation problem. You are just trying to get properly prepared for playtime. Chemicals in the solution that comes with the douche bottle, usually sodium phosphate will irritate your hole a bit and you really do not want to get fucked when you have an irritated hole. Rinse out the bottle real good and fill it with warm water. Not hot water and not cold water, but warm water. Inside of your hole, (aka. your rectum), the nerves sense pressure, not hot and cold. Hot water could damage your sensitive hole and cold water will probably cause you to cramp up. Once you fill the bottle with warm water put the applicator cap back on it. Now lube up the applicator and lube up your hole. The position that works best for douching is being bent over or if possible on your hands and knees with your back arched and your ass well presented as if you are getting ready to get fucked. Some of you may have to settle for whatever position you can reach your hole with. GENTLY insert the applicator up in your hole. Once you got it up in there all the way, give the bottle a good hard squeeze. When you can’t squeeze it anymore, remove the applicator from your hole. The applicator tip has a one way valve that will prevent polluted water from backing up into the bottle. Now hold onto the water for a while, or if you are feeling comfortable, add another bottle full. After you got a bottle or two up in there hang onto to the water for a few minutes. Stand up, and don’t laugh, shake your booty a bit. Maybe even jump up and down or bounce firmly on your toes. Then sit down on the throne and relax your hole and let everything go. Repeat this process until the water coming out is as clear as the water going in. Now you should be good to go. Wash the bottle real good and wipe it down with some rubbing alcohol and rinse it off. The bottle is good for repeatable use until the applicator valve or the bottle wears out.

Douche Bulbs: These can also be purchased in all the major drugstore chains. These are also available in adult toy shops. If they do not have an anal douche bulb you can buy the vaginal douche bulb. They look and operate the same. Douche bulbs cost more money but they made to last a lot longer than the disposable enema bottles. They are also larger so make a note of that as well. These work the same way as the disposable Fleet enemas except the bulbs usually do not have the one way valve in them. The method of cleaning your hole is the same as the enema bottles. When you are done squeezing the bulb, be sure to remove the applicator tip from your hole before releasing your grip. You don’t want to be sucking dirty water into your bulb. Cleanup is also the same as the disposable bottles.

Shower Wands: This is a convenient tool for those dedicated to bottoming and who may on occasion want to do a deeper cleaning (not covered here). The shower wand is installed just behind the shower head. It has an on/off valve, a long flexible hose and an applicator or “wand” that is uses to clean your hole. Some of the more expensive units also come with a pressure valve and I strongly recommend this. You don’t want to be blasting water at 500 gallons an hour up your hole. You need some basic handyman skills to install the shower wand or you may want to call a gay or lesbian plumber for help.

The wand allows water to flow directly into your hole from your shower head. You need to be sure you keep the temperature warm and the pressure low. If flushing a toilet or running the dishwasher causes temperature swings in the shower, be careful using this when others are living with you. I cannot stress this enough; love honor and respect your hole.

When using the wand you can use it just like the bulb or you can let the water run freely and just let it flow down the drain until the water coming out is as clear as the water going in. You will have to experiment and see which method you prefer.

Enema Bag: This is the big red hot water bottle with the hose etc. that women use for their kitties and men and women use for enemas. The enema bag is a cross between the bulb and the wand. It has a valve and an applicator to insert. You fill the bag with warm water and hang it on a hook and the water is gravity fed into your hole when you turn the valve. Though it is used for shallow cleansing, the enema bag is usually associated with a deeper cleanse ad is designed to make self-administering an enema easier.

Deep Cleansing Methods

All three methods can be used for a deeper cleansing also known as an Upper Colonic. Most of the time a deeper cleansing is not necessary except for more extreme bedroom sports like marathon fucking, sex parties, and fisting. A deeper cleansing is usually done with the help of a “Colonic Assistant (Yes that is a real job) or can be done by yourself. It usually requires you to lay on your left side while using a good deal more water than you use for a shallow cleansing. Once you have more water up in there some rolling around is required to help get everything loosened up. Then you evacuate and repeat. When using the wand for a deeper cleanse it is just a matter of letting it fill you up more than you do for a shallow cleansing.

Sometimes when doing a deeper cleansing (and sometimes with a shallow douche) water can get trapped in your colon. It does after all take a lot of twists and turns. This can also come back to haunt you in 20 or 30 minutes after you think you are done. This again usually happens to newbies in the practice of cleaning one’s hole. This isn’t harmful to you. The primary function of the colon is to remove water from fecal matter so excess water is either eliminated or absorbed. Again, use plain old water. No not add soap or oils or anything else.

A Few things to be Aware Of:

Anal douching, especially if you are new to it may have a somewhat delayed reaction to it. In other words, just when you think you are all neat and spiffy, “shit happens.” You find yourself needing to poo twenty or thirty minutes after you thought you were finished. This is totally normal. You need to allow time as in an hour or so before you can be sure you are ready to play. This is especially true if you have not followed my bottoming advice tips. If you find yourself needing to go after douching then just douche again. You should be good to go.

Your body does not stop digesting food. Sometimes depending on what you are doing and for how long you are doing it, you may need to “freshen up” during playtime. This is also normal. With practice you will learn when you are good to go and when you are not. Follow my bottoming advice along with your douching and you will be well on your way to becoming a bottoming legend at least in your own mind.

Also do not share your douching equipment. Wash what you have with bleach and rubbing alcohol and keep it clean but do not share. If you are in a situation where you feel it is necessary to share, by all means clean and disinfect each time.

A Closing Thought

If you are new to all this and you know some experienced bottoms or friends who are more experienced than you, you may want to consider discussing this with them and asking for some advice. Good friends will offer assistance or help the first time. It is kind of a “rite of passage” thing. Do not and I cannot stress this enough … DO NOT trust a total stranger to help you. Be good to yourself and be safe out there.

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