I am asked this all the time and i find it a tad annoying.  I am gay. I am a gay man in a committed gay relationship.  I do not have sex with other men unless it is being videoed and I certainly do not sleep with women. Of all the questions I could be asked, why is this one so prevalent?

I have avoided answering this for two years but as the website gains in popularity the question just keeps coming. Also, I have been asked this by women who are paying members of daddyken.com.  So for you ladies who have put down $25 a year to watch me fuck and have sex with other men I decided I would finally answer this one.

I decided to finally take this one really serious. Sure there is Angelina and Jennifer but Brad has had both of them and for some reason that just puts a total damper on that idea.  There is Ellen but I would just want to have a platonic sleep over and drink wine and dance and party with her and her partner. Personally I think they would find me and my partner Joey a blast to party with. Liza was considered ... yes Ms. Minnelli but ...I would just be to awe struck to perfom ... Pandoras Box came to mind but technically she's a he so tragically that disqualifies her from the equation. Lauren Bacall comes to mind but I would guess she is getting a bit long in the tooth these days.  Kathleen Turner was a thought but I would just start thinking about Jessica Rabbit and start laughing. Pauley Perrette popped into my head but after giving it some thought I would probably end up tied to the bed while she came at me with a strap on and that sure as hell isn't goping to happenin this life time.

After a few days of mulling it over the most logical, realistic, and honest answer became obvious. That choice is Rachael Maddow.  If civilization were destroyed and Rachael and I were among  the remaining surviving gene pool  and  after careful research it was determined that for the human race to survive it would be necessary for Racheal and I to combine our DNA and the equipment was not available to do this artificially and she agreed to get a crew cut like she had in the Air-America days, then ok, I could do it for 'team humanity' .. Racheal Maddow is masculine enough that I think I could make that leap. She strikes me as the type that would be very direct and practical about the whole thing and high-five afterwards then go pound a few beers and shoot some pool instead of cuddling while watching some silly chic flick.  So Rachael if you ever read this, please do not be offended.  You are a great journaiist and I love your show. Personally, I liked your crew cut hairstyle the best but maybe the TV audience isn't ready for that yet.