Hmmmm that will take a bit of figuring because I never really kept count.

Doing the math I would say I have fucked somewhere in the neighborhood of 2250 guys ... give or take a couple of hundred. Double that for oral services received. I'm not sure that is a statistic to be proud of, but it is what it is.

Doing the math on 100/30/2012:

Figure two guys  a week ... 50 weeks a year is around 100 guys a year. I am 53 and started fucking guys in my teens. So I have been fucking guys for 38 years. now the first few years it wasn't two guys a week and there were many years when it wasn't two guys a week. However, there have been many many more years whenit was greater than yweo guys a week.  So 3800 guys sounds a little steep but 2250 guys sounds a little light. the Median of the two numbers is 3025 which sounds about right. that works out to be 1.6 guys a week ...

As far as blowjobs go, I think I can say with 100% confidence my dick has been in twice as many mouths than it has been in butts.   Not sure it is a number to be proud of .... but it is ... what it is.