Back in the day when I was a young twinkie boy, we did not have a thing called the internet. We had parks, downtown at night, movie theatres, the public library, book stores and shopping malls to cruise for sex. We also had certain discrete clothing to wear. We had different colored handkerchiefs, certain colored baseball caps worn different ways. When a connection was made things usually happened pretty quick. But I have to say some of the most fun places was in high school. I fucked another boy on the 50 yard line of the high school football stadium at 3:00am in the morning. One evening friends left me at a party and I had to walk home. I took a short cut through the high school football stadium. That is when I learned that gays … and pervs… cruised there at night. There were plenty of places to hide and plenty of places to be seen in order to find a hook-up. That started a three year stretch of sleep deprivation, gay sex education and first boyfriend but, that is another story.